Virtual Desktops

Nowadays, accessing computing services that are not hosted on our organization’s servers (email, documents, backup, corporate applications, professional applications, etc.), but rather in the cloud, is becoming commonplace. We are talking about virtual desktops.

Users gain mobility and security, while organizations benefit from better availability, flexibility and increased savings in service provision with less hassle.

Sin embargo,  lo que es muy cómodo para un recurso puntual no sirve como solución global. El usuario tendría varios accesos para los distintos recursos y un PC que ya no sería cómodo ni estaría preparado para explotarlos.

However, although using cloud-based services may be convenient as a one-off resource, it is not be suitable as a global solution. Users end up having several access points for the different resources and a PC that is no longer comfortable or equipped to run those resources.

Furthermore, organizations end up outsourcing one or more IT resources, doubling its bill. Far from gaining control, it will have multiplied its suppliers.

Escritorios Virtuales

Virtual desktops offered by Flexxible Desktop are the definitive cloud solution 

Flexxible Desktop is the definitive DaaS solution in the cloud evolution. Virtual desktops can be accessed using a user ID and password like any other cloud-based service, but they combine all the computing resources (Internet, email, applications, documents, servers, operating systems, etc.) as if it were a PC.

Benefits of Flexxible Desktop virtual desktops: greater security and business continuity

This provides even more benefits for the organization, as users have EVERYTHING on hand, just like with their PC, but they can access it from anywhere and with greater security, thanks to the Virtual Desktop solution. Organizations obtain greater control and security and ensure business continuity, reducing costs and concerns.

Escritorios Virtuales

The Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktops are available in a Private Cloud as a pay-per-use service.

Virtual desktops are managed centrally by setting up templates that can be deployed automatically. While a physical desktop can take several hours to deploy, a virtual desktop can be rolled out in just 5 minutes.

Escritorios Virtuales Solucion

The DaaS model involves hosting the entire corporate virtual desktop infrastructure in a private cloud, delegating management and maintenance to a IT provider. The virtual desktop DaaS option enables organizations to streamline and plan costs, as there is a fee per user and services contracted.

Key points to consider with virtual desktops:

  • Get greater speed and flexibility with virtual desktops. IT resources are assigned dynamically and automatically according to the user profile and the use. Unlike a traditional environment, a new virtual desktop can be rolled out in a matter of 5 minutes and applications are deployed automatically.
  • Guaranteed scalability: Provide a fast response to demand and peak workloads. The speed and ease with which virtual desktops can be deployed enables the IT department to increase the number of desktops easily to immediately respond to new workstation needs as required by the business.
  • Increase productivity by implementing virtual desktops. User experience with virtual desktops is excellent as users can immediately access the applications they need according to their profile from any device, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Set up new branches and remote offices easily. Virtual desktops drive growth in organizations. Only a simple Internet connection is required to enable staff in remote locations to access the same tools.
  • Reduce hidden costs in your organization. Automatic deployment and maintenance based on templates frees up IT technicians from traditional manual tasks that provide no value to the organization.
  • Streamline costs. By centralizing management, detect the shared resources required to plan new acquisitions if necessary.
With virtual desktops, users can access corporate applications from any device, whenever and wherever they want.

What is
Flexxible Desktop

Flexxible Desktop is a DaaS (desktop as a service) virtual desktop solution that enables your company’s entire IT system to be housed in a private cloud, virtualizing not only the server but also each and every user’s PC (virtual desktops).


What does
Flexxible Desktop include

With Flexxible Desktop, your company’s entire IT system can be virtualized in a private cloud and managed using the VDI manager. Flexxible Desktop includes all traditional IT components in a single solution, but also improves on existing solutions by offering new features in terms of security and mobility.

Benefits of
Flexxible Desktop

Flexxible Desktop means no reinvestment is required to achieve agile and incident-free computing. All elements are duplicated in order to ensure that your IT system never comes to a halt. Work with the same or better performance from anywhere and from any device.


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