Benefits of Virtual Desktops | Flexxible Desktop

Computing resolved – Virtual desktops as a competitive advantage

Tired of slow systems and incidents? Equipment and servers out-of-date? Operating systems no longer supported? Your worries are over thanks to the Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktop.

With the Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktop solution, there is no need for reinvestment to have an agile and incident-free IT system. Its pay-per-use format enables you to enjoy a powerful IT system without changing your equipment, and with everything always up-to-date: operating systems, hardware, anti-virus, backup, etc.

Maximum security – Flexxible Desktop as secure and optimum DaaS

Prepared for possible server failure? Are your data completely secure? Do you have backups of your PCs?

All components included in the Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktop are duplicated to ensure that your IT system never comes to a halt. The data is encrypted during travel and stored in two high-security DPCs (TIER III) that are inaccessible both physically and virtually. Flexxible Desktop includes daily backups of both desktops and servers.

Complete mobility – Flexxible Desktop: A global virtual desktop

Do you have professionals out of the office or in different locations? Do you have performance issues and less functionalities than you need? Can your systems be accessed from any device?

Flexxible Desktop is a unique virtual desktop solution that enables you to work with the same performance as a local PC from anywhere and on any device, all by means of a simple 3G or high-speed Internet connection. Professionals on-the-go can work with all applications and documents in real time thanks to thevirtual desktop solution, a far cry from the perceived slowness of usual remote desktops.

VDI para Pymes

Flexibility – Flexxible Desktop: A virtual desktop adapted to your needs

Do you work with external collaborators? Do you have a high turnover in staff? Do you envisage major growth or drop in staff?

Flexxible Desktop provides you with full flexibility in resources, thanks to its virtual desktop solution, enabling you to adapt to your current needs, along with the costs in each scenario. As a DaaS solution, you only pay for the users registered, having the resources needed for each user. Furthermore, you can add professionals without expensive deployment and PC configurations, and collaborators can work from their own PC without having to connect to the company’s physical network. Computing made flexible thanks to virtual desktops.

IT control – Flexxible Desktop: A virtual desktop to reduce incidents

Is 70% of your IT department’s time focused on solving incidents? Is your company running into unexpected investments? Need to deploy computing strategically across your company?

With the Flexxible Desktop virtual desktop solution, you can reduce incidents significantly, centralize user management in an always-available and up-to-date environment, and benefit from a faster and more efficient tool for solving user workstation issues.

In short, the Flexxible Desktop virtual desktop is the solution that lets your IT department act strategically for the company.

What are
Virtual Desktops

The Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktop is the definitive solution in the cloud evolution. Users gain mobility and security, while organizations benefit from better availability, flexibility and increased savings in service provision with less hassle.

What is
Flexxible Desktop

Flexxible Desktop is a DaaS (desktop as a service) virtual desktop solution that enables your company’s entire IT system to be housed in a private cloud, virtualizing not only the server but also each and every user’s PC (virtual desktops).

What does
Flexxible Desktop include

With Flexxible Desktop, your company’s entire IT system can be virtualized in a private cloud and managed using the VDI manager. Flexxible Desktop includes all traditional IT components in a single solution, but also improves on existing solutions by offering new features in terms of security and mobility.


  • Advantages There’s no future in having servers outside the company and computers working on-site. Jonathan Montiel, IT Manager at Pilma Disseny
  • Advantages What was once two days’ work now just takes 5 minutes”.
    “We’ve changed our way of working since getting virtual desktops.”. Manuel Escalera, CIO at Geseme
  • Advantages Going back to conventional computing would be a step backwards Carles Miralta, CIO at Covesa
  • Advantages The desktops have enabled us to become more productive and save time. Albert Sellas, Marketing and Processes Director at Máquina Center.
  • Advantages The virtual desktop has given me the freedom to work from any location, as if I were in the office. Joan Bayés, Director at Finques Quatrecases