Flexxible Desktop DaaS, the best VDI solution and an ally for IT Managers

Flexxible Desktop is a cloud-based VDI solution that is designed to be managed by IT managers, clients or partners using Flexxible’s own VDI Manager software, enabling them to deploy, manage, increase or decrease the number of users and the infrastructure immediately in a pay-per-use format without investment thanks to VDI technology.

Each user has an independent virtual machine (and not remote sessions) to ensure optimum VDI performance.

Flexxible VDI Cloud modes: VDI technology in the cloud

FlexxibleVDI Cloud comes in two modes that can be combined in the same environment: Premium VDI and Professional VDI.

VDI solutions as DaaS: VDI Service options

The Premium VDI desktops are a personalized VDI solution, that enables users to install applications on the desktop.

The Flexxible Professional VDI desktops are volatile (a new one is created on each connection) and only include the applications configured in the corporate template. The best VDI technology according to your daily needs.

Advantages of the DaaS VDI solution for CIOs and CTOs:

Some of the advantages offered by VDI technology and with CIO and CTOs in mind, a VDI solution offers:

  • Unified management and integrated users.
  • No more worries about infrastructure thanks to VDI technology
  • Fewer incidents thanks to the optimum Flexxible Desktop VDI solution.
  • Template-based application management.
  • Efficiently manage workstations thanks to VDI.

Solución VDI

Flexxible VDI Clouds provides all the tools you need to verify the VDI infrastructure for: Desktop virtualization

Before planning to virtualize desktops and implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the following requirements need to be considered when implementing the VDI solution:

VDI solution: Components to consider

  • LAN network, WAN, bandwidth, connection mode for users.
  • Storage capacity, performance required, space for virtual machines.
  • Hardware: Number of servers, high availability, thin clients.
  • Types of existing user applications for the future VDI.
  • Training of the organization’s systems manager in Flexxible VDI OS Manager and all management tools.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or DaaS(Desktop as a Service)

The cloud environment has completely revolutionized access to technology for SMEs, enabling them to use resources, programs and platforms that were once only within the realm of large enterprises thanks to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) DaaS(Desktop as a Service) service models.

Few companies can comfortably invest in acquiring state-of-the-art IT (advanced applications, high-class storage racks, the latest servers, networks with bandwidths that guarantee minimum latencies, etc.). The IaaS and DaaS solutions offer SMEs an optimized infrastructure without initial investment.

We speak your language. If you want to discover more about our VDI solution or need more technical information on VDI technology and the benefits of VDI for your IT department, please contact us.

Flexxible IT DNA

With its own in-house developed software and hardware and proven technology that makes deploying and managing the infrastructure easy, fast and secure, Flexxible IT already provides service to over 20,000 users.

Advantages of Flexxible Desktop VDI

Discover the many advantages of Flexxible Desktop: Unified management and integrated users. The entire infrastructure and users are managed using Flexxible’s own VDI Manager software, etc.

Flexxible VDI Manager

Flexxible VDI Manager was developed in-house by Flexxible IT and is used by IT partners and IT departments to independently manage desktops, servers and resources.

Technical features

With Flexxible Desktop, your company’s entire IT system can be virtualized in a private cloud and managed using the Flexxible VDI Manager.


  • Flexxible Desktop There’s no future in having servers outside the company and computers working on-site. Jonathan Montiel, IT Manager at Pilma Disseny
  • Flexxible Desktop What was once two days’ work now just takes 5 minutes”.
    “We’ve changed our way of working since getting virtual desktops.”. Manuel Escalera, CIO at Geseme
  • Flexxible Desktop Going back to conventional computing would be a step backwards Carles Miralta, CIO at Covesa
  • Flexxible Desktop The desktops have enabled us to become more productive and save time. Albert Sellas, Marketing and Processes Director at Máquina Center.
  • Flexxible Desktop The virtual desktop has given me the freedom to work from any location, as if I were in the office. Joan Bayés, Director at Finques Quatrecases