Flexxible Desktop VDI
Private Cloud with Virtual Desktops in Pay-Per-Use

Flexxible Desktop
VDI for management

With Flexxible Desktop, the virtual desktop DaaS solution, your company no longer needs to worry about continuously updating hardware and operating systems thanks to VDI.

Flexxible Desktop, the best virtual desktop solution: DaaS without the hassle.

Flexxible Desktop
VDI for IT

Flexxible Desktop is the cloud-based VDI solution that CTOs, IT departments, clients and partners can manage using Flexxible’s own VDI Manager software.

Flexxible Cloud VDI: VDI solutions for IT Managers.

Virtual Desktops

The Flexxible Desktop Virtual Desktop is the definitive solution in the cloud evolution. Users gain mobility and security, while organizations benefit from better availability, flexibility and increased savings in service provision with less hassle, thanks to a comprehensive VDI solution.

Flexxible Desktop provides VDI in Private Cloud and DaaS in Pay-per-use format.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Flexxible Desktop means no reinvestment is required to achieve agile and incident-free computing. All elements are duplicated in order to ensure that your IT system never comes to a halt. Work with the same or even better performance from anywhere and from any device thanks to VDI software.

Computing resolved: Virtual desktops or VDI provide a Competitive Advantage, Maximum Security and Complete Mobility.


  • Inicio There’s no future in having servers outside the company and computers working on-site. Jonathan Montiel, IT Manager at Pilma Disseny
  • Inicio What was once two days’ work now just takes 5 minutes”.
    “We’ve changed our way of working since getting virtual desktops.”. Manuel Escalera, CIO at Geseme
  • Inicio Going back to conventional computing would be a step backwards Carles Miralta, CIO at Covesa
  • Inicio The desktops have enabled us to become more productive and save time. Albert Sellas, Marketing and Processes Director at Máquina Center.
  • Inicio The virtual desktop has given me the freedom to work from any location, as if I were in the office. Joan Bayés, Director at Finques Quatrecases